Marcus D Hiles: Wine Collector

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  • July 15, 2015
  • Can you imagine a wine collection worth over US$4 million? Well this was the value of the collection offered up for auction at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2010 by Marcus D Hiles, a property developer from Texas. This collection was 6500 bottles but only 20% of his full collection.

    Marcus’s highlight collection was a magnificent Domain de la Romandee-Conti with 1030 bottles valued at US$1.1 million, making it the largest DRC collection ever offered by Sotheby’s in Asia.

    Marcus D Hiles clearly has a knack for choosing wines and would be equally familiar with vineyards along the Gironde and Cote d’Or as he is speaking about business and property development.

    All of Marcus’s wines are bought upon initial release and stored in his special cellar which has an underground river to cool and humidify the wines. Marcus D Hiles clearly understands his wines and has assembled some of the world’s best for some lucky collector to taste and savour.

    Marcus’s commitment to quality as illustrated in his passion for fine wine is reflected in his drive for quality in his properties and businesses. One of the fundamental principles behind his business is that best quality apartment in the best location be presented at great value for money.

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