Marcus D Hiles: Conserving Energy and Resources

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  • July 20, 2015
  • As part of an ongoing strategy at Western Rim Properties, all buildings are designed and constructed with the latest in energy conserving technologies. There is additional weather stripping, reflective techshield sheathing in the attic, double glazed low-e windows, and top of the line cellulose sound insulation and roof insulation. All air conditioners come with programmable thermostats that encourage customers to use 30 percent less energy. Concrete streets were poured to reduce the use of oil based products such as asphalt.

    Trees are strategically placed to actively reduce the energy required to heat and cool buildings. Trees and vegetation also assist in the management of stormwater runoff with the plants absorbing runoff and filtering out the pollutants.

    Western Rim Properties standards are well above those in the industry to ensure comfort in extreme weather conditions. Respecting the environment is a philosophy embedded into company culture with goals to conserve natural resources. To achieve that goal Western Rim have established continuous community efforts including well trained staff and recycling programs.

    Marcus D Hiles has clear principles that guides Western Rim Properties decision making process. Providing the finest housing choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. Providing a great work environment and treating each other with respect and dignity. Embracing diversity as a way of life. Applying the highest standards to construction, purchasing and customer service. Having excited, happy and satisfied customers. Contributing positively to the environment and realising profitability is required for their current and future success.

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