Western Rim Property Services: The Towers on the Park

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  • September 2, 2015
  • Make your way to Frisco, Texas. Here you will find a modern and luxurious community experience which makes balancing work and play easy. The Towers on the Park by Western Rim Property Services is an accommodating community which has been completely tailored around your needs and desires. On offer is a 150 foot resort style pool, tanning deck and state of the art 24hr fitness center. You will also find a Starbucks WIFI lounge with coffee bar.

    You can book a session with a personal trainer at the 24r fitness center. Only the most modern fitness machines are installed and you can redefine your abs, biceps and triceps! Imagine waking before work every morning before work and completing a few laps in the resort style pool. What a refreshing and inspired way to start the day.

    At the Towers on the Park no detail has been overlooked. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments available. They are fitted with modern and stylish features such as solid granite kitchen countertops, pendant lighting, stainless steel appliances and rainwater showerheads. All of this maximises your comfort and creates a day to day living experience that will thrill you. Towers of the Park is an incredible place to live. Make an inspired change in your life and move to Towers of the Park.

    Marcus Hiles is the Chairman of Western Rim Property and mansions custom homes. This company has a reputation for high quality luxury apartments. Towers of the Park is an excellent example of this. It is such great value for money. Recently WRPS was recognised by Satisfacts, an apartment authority on resident surveys, resident satisfaction, resident retention and reputation management. Western Rim Property Services and its affiliate Newport Classic Homes by Marcus Hiles was named an award winner, ranking #3 in the “top 5” companies. Many hundreds of companies were reviewed for this award.

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