Marcus D Hiles: Luxury and Innovation

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  • September 9, 2015
  • Marcus Hiles the Chairman of Western Rim Property and mansions custom homes and  Newport Classic Homes are responsible for creating some of the most exquisite places to live in Texas. When you start creating this many luxury properties you start to employ innovative processes, methods and talent to achieve the best results possible. In other words, they have become very good at what they do, and do more with less but the end result is always beautiful.

    The occupants love their homes, they treasure them. What makes the design so special? The answer is that it’s the combination of many factors. Great location, great schools, beautiful environment, good neighbourhood, great views, great services and finally the design of the home itself is always stunning and inviting. They are able to create all of this but for half the price of the inner city equivalent. That’s its positioning in the market and cheaper locations than inner city but also a reflection of their ability to create a great product at minimal cost. They have innovation systems and processes which save the company money and time. They can focus on creating great designs.

    Look at The Grand Estates Woodlands in Magnolia. These apartments have exclusive penthouse level homes with massive chef kitchen countertops.  It’s the details that make the difference; For example, under cabinet lighting, real porcelain tiles with bath, spacious walk in pantries. This community features a resort style swimming pool with a tanning deck. There is a 24 hr fitness center and a Starbucks café with a WIFI lounge.

    Marcus D Hiles, the Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties pushes his organisation to develop the highest quality, luxurious places to live. They are planned to be dream communities with elegant furnishings, modern designs and quality workmanship. There are always endless opportunities for outdoor fun, world class shopping and other amazing attractions and amenities nearby.

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