The Famous Wine Collection of Marcus Hiles

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  • September 17, 2015
  • Marcus Hiles is the founder and CEO of Western Rim Properties, a real estate development company based in Colleyville, Texas. The company currently has over 10,000 luxury and affordable residential units under its management, with plans to expand its portfolio in the coming years.

    The success of Western Rim Properties has allowed Marcus Hiles to realize many of his dreams, including starting his very own Marcus Hiles wine collection.

    The Beginnings of His Collection and Where He Stores It

    Marcus Hiles and his family reside just outside the town of Colleyville in Texas. His personal mansion was custom built not only with a large number of bedrooms, bathrooms and a lavish dining room, but with an extensive wine cellar underground.

    Thousands of Americans have personal wine cellars underneath their homes or in custom built structures on their properties however, none can compare to the wine cellar that Marcus had personally built just for his collection.

    The Marcus Hiles wine collection enjoys cool and moist air all year long. A small river was built within the wine cellar itself to help maintain the right climate for his collection. When the climate is just cool enough, the quality of the wine increases and so does its value.

    His Wine Collection Now

    Over the course of several years, Marcus has significantly increased the value of his wine collection. From very humble beginnings as a collector, Marcus Hiles enjoyed the taste of all types of wines and began with purchasing and collecting one bottle at a time.

    Now, his wine collection is valued at over $10 million. This value does not include the nearly $3 million worth of wine that he sold at an international auction in recent years. Some of the more notable wine bottles that currently sit in the cellar of Marcus Hiles are Burgundy Chateaux, Bordeaux and other famous brands from around the world.

    Marcus personally buys his wine collection on or just before the public release date He then stores the wine in cellars beneath his home for an extended period of time.

    His Knowledge of Wine Matches His Knowledge of Real Estate

    Wine collecting is one of Marcus Hiles’ favorite hobbies. He has spent years perfecting his wine tasting skills and is very familiar with some of the most famous vineyards in France and Italy. Many people who know Marcus personally are well aware that his knowledge of wine is just as good as his knowledge of real estate.

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