A Knack for Success and Charity: Marcus Hiles

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  • September 25, 2015
  • It takes a considerable amount of drive and savvy business practice to run Western Rim Property Services – Texas based real estate company by Marcus Hiles. Since the beginning of his professional career, Marcus Hiles has worked extensively to create one of the leading real estate development companies in Texas, and his vision has remained the same ever since day one.

    Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties in 2004. In the beginning, Marcus focused on managing properties that were already in existence, and aimed to improve the properties to a standard of his liking. Some of the improvements he made to the properties include upgraded interiors, onsite recreational facilities, offices, cafes and more. These types of upgrades not only improved the overall value of the properties, but also the quality of life for residents who lived in the condominium and luxury apartment units.

    Building a Better Future for Texas Residents

    Once Western Rim Property Services – Texas based real estate company by Marcus Hiles had a large enough portfolio of properties to sustain itself as a company, Marcus began to branch out into other areas of real estate. This was the time when he made a big push to make his dreams become reality.

    Over the past five years, Marcus and Western Rim Properties have been building their own real estate developments throughout the state of Texas. These properties are located in a variety of communities throughout the state, including San Antonio Dallas, Austin and more. Each property was built in the vision of Marcus Hiles himself, with a variety of amenities that are meant to satisfy every type of resident. From walking paths and nail salons to office spaces, health clubs and more, the company makes sure that everyone lives a convenient and comfortable life.

    Giving Back to the Community

    For over a decade, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have been known as philanthropic leaders. Marcus has always believed that true success is not possible without a charitable heart.

    Since before the founding of Western Rim Properties, Marcus Hiles has donated millions of dollars to a variety of educational needs across the state of Texas. From new computer hardware and software to support for after school programs and employment organizations at Universities, Marcus Hiles is one of the most popular charitable individuals in the real estate business.

    As a company, Western Rim Properties has donated over $4 million to a variety of environmental causes that help to ensure the sustainability of natural habitats everywhere.

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