Western Rim Property Services Expanding Across Texas

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  • October 1, 2015
  • Marcus Hiles is both a successful businessman and compassionate person. From a very young age, Marcus Hiles always donated his time to help people in need. As he grew older, he felt that he was meant for something bigger. Marcus Hiles wanted to become a successful businessman by building a company that not only made money but also helped the citizens of his own state.

    He found the perfect solution. Western Rim Property Services – Texas based real estate company by Marcus Hiles was founded in 2004. Through his new company, Marcus Hiles was able to build luxury communities with the best amenities in the best neighborhoods and offer them to local residents for affordable prices.

    Past, Present and Future: Western Rim is taking over Texas

    For the past decade, Western Rim Properties has expanded its portfolio to heights that people and companies rarely experience. After years of hard work and dedication, Marcus Hiles is now the CEO of one of the most profitable companies in Texas, and is able to help less fortunate individuals at the same time.

    Western Rim Properties will continue to be profitable for years to come. Currently, Marcus Hiles a property developer through his company manages over 20,000 properties across the state of Texas. Some of the cities that enjoy Marcus Hiles’ communities include North Houston, Magnolia, Corpus Christi and Mckinney.

    Each community built under the Western Rim Properties name comes with exceptional amenities. From nail salons and cafes to fitness clubs, green spaces and recreational facilities, residents only need to drive a short distance to gain access to the things they need.

    As each year passes, Western Rim Properties continues to expand its reach throughout Texas. As part of Marcus Hiles’ long term vision, he will provide affordable luxury to tens of thousands of people across the state.

    Harnessing Momentum to go National

    Momentum has been one of the primary driving forces behind the success of Western Rim Properties. People continued to buy the company’s residential units throughout the Great Recession because Texans knew they were getting the exceptional quality and value for their money.

    Taking a company national has been a life-long dream for Marcus Hiles. As he did when he first started Western Rim Properties, Marcus Hiles will harness the momentum that has been building up around his company and use it to propel them to the national stage. His residential blueprint has been proven to be succcessful time and time again in Texas, and will continue to do so in states across the country.

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