Marcus Hiles in Dallas News

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  • October 12, 2015
  • Western Rim Property Services owner Marcus Hiles is making news in Dallas again. He is a businessman, real estate guru, and philanthropist, and now boasts over 7,500 properties and homeowner’s association not in just Dallas but all over the Lone Star state. To date, it’s all worth more than $1 billion in assets. How did he get to where he is today?

    Raised in a low income family, Marcus knew the struggles that working American families face on a daily basis. He knew how they sometimes had to work long days to support the roof over their heads and the food they put on the table. His father – an inner city minister – taught Marcus D. Hiles what it meant to work hard and to never give up. He taught him that those two things were the keys to grabbing your own piece of the American Dream.

    Marcus Hiles wanted more than just that. He didn’t want the American Dream all to himself. He wanted to share a piece of that with every hardworking American. So, he set out to build a roof over everyone’s head and he believed he could do it through Western Rim Property Services. He didn’t just want a roof, though. He believed working class families deserved to live in luxury homes. Marcus mission was to make that dream a real possibility.

    He developed a unique business model that allowed this to happen. While others contracted out to third party services to manage or market their properties, Marcus Hiles chose to do it all himself. Although it was a lot more work, he was able to save a considerable about of money. It was enough that he could provide affordability and high-end luxury homes.

    He also reinvested his money and improved on the properties so that tenants could enjoy their surroundings. He had amenities installed with cutting-edge technology like infinity pools, spas, gyms, cafes, clubhouses, woodlands, and golf courses. He focused on building homes that were near good school districts and job opportunities so working class families could thrive.

    But Hiles does more than just put up quality homes in great locations with state-of-the-art amenities. He is a giver, and has given back to his community over and over again through generous donations. He has given to disadvantaged women’s groups, children’s hospitals, art programs, and education programs, just to name a few.

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