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  • October 16, 2015
  • Marcus Hiles is a well-known businessman throughout the Dallas and greater Texas business sectors. He is not only a real estate development guru, but also a property management master. Rarely do entrepreneurs think to combine the two- they generally specialize in one or the other. Marcus Hiles breaks the mold, and of course makes breaking news in the process. He has built his empire to house over 7,500 properties and homeowners associations with his company Western Rim Property Services. Western Rim adds at least one large property every year. This is no small feat, considering how much effort it generally takes to create a new rental community. But Marcus Hiles has broken it down into an exact science. He knows exactly what he wants for his residents, and doesn’t stop until the results are perfect.

    Western Rim properties are some of the most sought after in Texas because of their combination of quality and affordably. Usually those ideas are polar opposites, but Marcus Hiles walks that fine line well. Marcus D. Hiles makes sure his properties are close to urban areas with great jobs and school, and then provides top-notch housing for people at below-market rates. It’s obviously a winning combination, as the company continues to grow. In fact, it is valued at just over $1 billion. Not too bad for a first-time business venture.

    Aside from providing great housing at great prices, Marcus is also in news because of his efforts in charitable giving. Over the last 20 years, as Western Rim has taken off, he has donated millions. So far, about $1 million has gone to public school funding, saving programs like art and music. Over $1 million has been given to college funding as well, ensuring that people can get the sort of education that brought him to where he is today. Marcus Hiles also believes in supporting women’s causes, as they are often the ones who have the hardest time getting back on their feet. He has donated over $600,000 to disadvantaged women’s programs, and nearly that amount to children’s hospitals.

    Marcus Hiles gives to the community through his business and philanthropy, but also makes time for himself. He is a massive wine collector, and even sold 20% of his collection to a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong. In 2010, the 6,500 bottles he put up for auction were estimated to be worth almost $4.7 million. Clearly, Marcus Hiles has good taste, both in business and his private life.

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