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  • October 26, 2015
  • Marcus Hiles founded the Western Rim property Services in 2004 in Texas. Since its inception, Western Rim has been responsible for changing the landscape of Texas. Marcus Hiles was born in a modest family with a middle class upbringing. Hiles graduated from Rice University and did his master’s in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Marcus Hiles ventured into the real estate business at the age of 28 and has scripted one of the most famous success stories that is Westren Rim Properties. Western Rim Properties is a pioneer in offering a value for money which turns the dreams of many into reality.

    Western Rim Properties

    Western Rim Properties has over the years nurtured the goal of providing the highest quality homes in the best locations. The company offers a range of luxury apartment buildings. Marcus Hiles, through his companies, runs a whopping 7500 homeowner associations, townhouse communities and apartments in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and the Dallas region.

    Western Rim Properties have state of the art buildings with golf courses, infinity pools, school and outdoor areas which are affordable and are located in prime spots. Marcus Hiles has also expanded his portfolio to include management of properties, so Western Rim properties also manage rent, building upkeep and maintenance.

    Soaring Success

    Marcus Hiles has put together a niche and successful business changing the real estate scenario in Texas. His simple philosophy that every person should have at least the opportunity of owning a house which has the basic modern luxuries in an affordable range has made him a popular personality. The company has catapulted itself into a numero uno position owing to its clear and precise goals, exceptional customer service that is available 24/7, usage of high quality building materials and lots of amenities.

    The luxurious custom mansions in Magnolia, Texas is hailed as one of the best projects helmed by the company. Each house is custom built as per the requirements of the customers with every possible amenity within walking distance of every unit.

    Long Term Vision

    Marcus Hiles is a firm believer that every Texan should have a home that is luxurious yet affordable. While he has to a large extent made it possible in Texas, Marcus Hiles hopes to carry across this vision throughout America so that the American dream becomes a reality and owning a house with amenities does not become an ardours task.

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