Western Rim Properties: The Leader of the Luxury Real Estate Market in Central Texas

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  • November 6, 2015
  • Western Rim Property Services was founded by Marcus Hiles who is also its chief executive officer. The very successful company is based in Coppell Texas but it owns and manages a range of high quality luxury homes and apartments spread across the cities of Houston, Dallas and elsewhere in central and eastern Texas.

    Western Rim Property Services by Marcus Hiles provides luxury homes and great savings and concentrates on providing the high quality segment of the real estate market. This has helped it to become a brand known for building homes that can satisfy the discerning tastes of clients who tend to have a number of demands as well. People have become familiar with the work of this company as it has worked extensively in the regions of central Texas.

    The Homes of Western Rim Property Services

    The residences that have been built and developed by Marcus Hiles under the banner of Western Rim Property Services are usually counted as being among the best in the region. After all, it has a range of conveniences and features that are not generally offered by others at the same price range. Together, these characteristics of the properties help uplift them from mere housing solutions to true homes that can serve as a refuge from the rest of the world.

    Customers of Western Rim Property Services look forward to returning to the comfort of their homes and apartments where they can relax, unwind and enjoy the posh features on offer. Marcus Hiles has been committed to providing the best ion luxury homes and apartments in the central region of Texas. The properties developed by him usually include golf courses, health clubs, cafes, fitness centers and fantastic clubhouses. Sometimes, the properties are even located on the banks of lakes. This way, Marcus Hiles turns his dream into reality.

    Building the Best Communities in the Region

    Marcus has made sure that both of his companies, Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes, focus on developing and offering the best homes which can reflect luxurious and posh lifestyles. Care is also taken to ensure that the homes are located amongst the finest communities located in the state of Texas.

    The work done by these companies reflect the commitment of Marcus towards excellence in the field of real estate development. These homes come with a number of benefits for the residents. For example, concierge services are available at a number of these properties.

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