High-End Luxury Homes By Marcus Hiles

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  • November 24, 2015
  • There are some of the creations of Marcus Hiles in the prime location of Texas like The Mansions Little Elm and The Grand Estates Little Elm. These two communities have served as blueprint for creating several other properties in Denton County for the company of Marcus Hiles, Western Rim Property. Marcus Hiles is both the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of Western Rim Property.

    Like all other creations of Western Rim Property, the company managed by Marcus Hiles, The Grand Estates at Little Elm and The Mansions Little Elm will have the same type of facilities that are provided in the other housing estates of Marcus Hiles. The amenities that are provided are capable of providing a healthy lifestyle. Each of these communities has swimming pools, all time fitness center and children’s park. Marcus Hiles Buckles Down – Provides High-End Luxury Homes to the residents of this places.

    A specific characteristic of Western Rim Property is the strategic locations of the building that are constructed by them. The communities that are built are located in some of the prime areas which have some excellent schools, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, cafes, salons and bars in the proximity. The residents of these communities would not have to travel much to reach their work-place.

    If the people of Texas decide to live in The Grand Estates Little Elm or The Mansions Little Elm, they will have the experience of living in a resort. The exclusive apartments that are constructed are stylish and come with posh furnishings like hardwood floors, cabinet that are of designer quality, granite kitchen counter-tops and stainless steel kitchen appliances. These are only few of the amenities that are provided within the properties. Marcus Hiles Continues to Build Texas Real Estate Empire with utmost diligence.

    The prospective buyers of The Mansions Little Elm and The Grand Estates Little Elm are promised that the properties that will be constructed with high-quality materials and the systems and equipments will be of latest technology. The team that Marcus Hiles had set up for his company, Western Rim Property were experienced in the field of real-estate and they play a vital role in the development of the properties taking form conception, designing, planning and lastly constructing.

    Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Property has now turned out to be billion dollar real-estate firm that has built more than 20,000 properties and has an experience of managing more than 7,500 residential communities, townhouse communities as well as active adult communities. All these are the result of the hard-work of Marcus Hiles and his employees.

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