The Unbeatable Success of Marcus Hiles

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  • December 1, 2015
  • Marcus Hiles is more than a highly successful real estate developer. He has, in fact, become a renewed leader of the real estate development industry in Texas. As soon as he had completed his MBA studies at the Pepperdine University, Marcus knew that his aim was to build up a real estate development company from scratch in his home state of Texas. He had the backing of a small wealthy group of investors as well as a few of his friends. With their help, Marcus Hiles was able to establish Western Rim Property Services when he was only 28 years old.

    The company, Marcus hoped, would go on to fulfill his aim of providing topnotch residential communities built in the most exceptional neighborhoods with the most modern amenities but at prices affordable enough for everybody. It was not at all easy for Marcus Hiles – Chairman and CEO at Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes in the starting years. He had to make incredible and significant sacrifices simply to keep the company alive. Much of his major assets had to be sold off in order to sponsor the company. He even had to give away his home for the purpose.

    The Success after the Sacrifice

    During the first few years, Marcus had to sacrifice almost everything but began to enjoy success afterwards. As soon as the construction on the few properties of his company was finished, success came at a rapid pace. Those properties were sold out extremely quickly, at a pace that surprised many. Marcus also realized that his aim had long-term potential. After all, customers were in search of properties that could bring them higher value for their investments. His aim enabled Western Rim Property Services to be the only company capable of delivering what the customers wanted.

    Soon, Marcus ensured that his company began to break their own records with respect to annual profits every year. He started his aim of giving the best housing solution to the people of Texas from the very first day of Western Rim Property Services. The company continues to follow this tradition even today. View Marcus Hiles’s professional profile on LinkedIn to know more.

    Overcoming the Competition

    The success that Western Rim Property Services began to experience was nothing like what its competitors had seen. Within just a few years, Western Rim Property Services began to leave most of its competition biting the dust. In terms of size, profit and portfolio, few companies can even begin to match Western Rim Property Services.

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