The Various Sides of the Life of Marcus Hiles

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  • December 7, 2015
  • The focus of Marcus Hiles throughout his life has been to provide topnotch custom residential communities and apartments to the people of Texas. From the moment Marcus completed his studies at university, he knew that his aim would be to bring about a difference in the lives of the citizens of Texas. To achieve that aim, Marcus has made an enormous amount of sacrifices.

    Western Rim Property Services was established by Marcus Hiles almost as soon as he had completed his studies for the MBA program at Pepperdine University. He did not have much to his name. In fact, he had to spend most his nights on the floor at a friend’s home as he even had to give up his house. Many times he ended up working through the night in his officer. After the difficult first years, success began to come to Western Rim Property Services. Marcus could now begin to enjoy his life.

    Marcus Hiles: The CEO of Western Rim Property Services

    Marcus Hiles has enjoyed a considerable amount of services as the CEO of the company he established, Western Rim Property Services. His net worth has increased with each success of his company. Now, Western Rim Property Services is the owner of over 20000 various residential communities, homes, apartments and townhomes that are spread across the state of Texas. Their portfolio is now worth billions of dollars.

    A typical day for Marcus D Hiles, CEO of Western Rim, begins at the company headquarters. His schedule is generally filled with a number of tasks dealing with the business and management sides of his business. For example, he decides on the closure of the major property deals.

    Marcus Hiles: The Wine Connoisseur

    Not many people are familiar with this particular aspect of Marcus Hiles. Nonetheless, he is an aficionado of wines and he maintains a fantastic collection of vintage wines at his home. In fact, his wine collection is worth a lot of money. Recently, a third of his collection was auctioned and that was worth 15 million dollars.

    Marcus Hiles: The Philanthropist

    Charity is a major part of the life of Marcus Hiles. In fact, the money he earned through the wine auction was used almost exclusively towards charitable causes such as helping children get access to education. He is also a supporter of environmental causes apart from funding afterschool programs. He has also helped nonprofit organizations that work with victims of domestic violence.

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