Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles vision comes true with Western Rim Properties

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  • February 2, 2016
  • Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are a strong couple that is well known in the world of real estate. They own a company named Western Rim Properties that has a different ideology and concept behind it. Unlike other real estate companies, this company does not focus on making and hoarding money. Their prime focus and motive to provide the middle class with luxurious, designer made homes that they could dream of at low, affordable prices. The company promised to offer such properties that are so well made that the people living in them don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to repair or maintain it over the years.

    Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles both came from humble backgrounds and they grew to be generous, charitable souls. Under their supervision, they built a company that has been flourishing ever since it was established. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles’ vision came true with Western Rim Properties.

    Their focus has always been the betterment of their people. They understand the needs of the middle class and have been through their problems. They know that many families from the middle class don’t even bother to dream about a paradise property with their minor income. The couple strives to make that possible for people. The company removed the concept of the third party, dealing every aspect of the property management under one name. This strategy reduced the cost of the properties, allowing people of a lower class to afford it too. After graduating and completing his masters, Marcus Hiles carefully weighed the pros and cons of the real estate business and understood the ways in which he could help his people through this line of work. He started with a single project and in 2004 created his own company which is now one of the most notable companies in the country. The property Management Guru, Marcus Hiles, is the Man behind Western Rim Properties.

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