Marcus Hiles – Business and Success

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  • February 8, 2016
  • Marcus Hiles is the man behind the improved lifestyle of thousands of residents in Texas. A businessman by mind and a humanitarian by heart, Hiles is a living inspiration for the upcoming businessmen who strive to be successful and make a positive difference in the community. Marcus was born and raised in a blue collar working class family which helped shape him in to the grounded man he is today.

    Marcus Hiles had very humble beginnings. He is the son of an inner city minister and was taught to accomplish his goals by working hard with full dedication. Marcus Hiles always dreamt of providing quality and luxurious lifestyles to working class people who couldn’t afford such a property in most cases. This was his destiny and it has helped so many people in Texas. Find out more at How Marcus Hiles Came To The Limelight.

    Marcus has always been a firm believer in high education and pushed himself to learn as much as he could at a very young age. He attended Rice University after high school and earned a bachelor’s degree. Hiles then followed that up with a Masters degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. After graduating, Marcus Hiles gained expertise and practical knowledge in field of real estate by working under well known property developers and investors. He worked himself to the bone for years with the ultimate goal of owning something of his own someday. When the time came, he did just that.

    Marcus Hiles created the real estate company, Western Rim Properties. He and the company are dedicated to the community. Western Rim Properties was founded in 2004. Marcus Hiles plan was to construct low cost high-end houses that were equipped with all sorts of amenities, and offer them to residents at affordable rates. His company eventually became one of the most sought after property development companies of the Texas region.Today western Rim Properties has more than 7,500 properties. For more visit Marcus Hiles Dallas Texas.

    Marcus Hiles is now one of the biggest names in the Texas real estate industry. He is not only a successful businessman, but also a humanitarian who puts the community needs above everything else. Marcus regularly donates money to charity and gives his time as well. He helped build hospitals for woman and children and he funded the construction of a church. He donates to the parks system as well.

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