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  • February 26, 2016
  • What makes for good business these days? Is it that pioneering attitude that got us all started in the world of business, or maybe it’s the ability to adapt? More specifically, what makes for good property business? When we look at the latter question we find that the criteria for success and for good practice change significantly, and that the number of attempts to define good real estate have been many. Why is it such a difficult topic? Perhaps because the property market is simultaneously the most important and the most subject to change; it is a see-saw balancing act that could go either way. It is important because it is the sole entity in the world that can provide homes for people at any place or at any time, and it is most subject to change due to its link to inflation and the reputation of neighborhoods. In Europe at the moment it is possible to see both of these factors in play, for example in London where people are constantly moving and space is now at a premium.

    So with such a busy market and one so subject to changes, we are still stuck the question of what the best ethics are in such a field of play. Many landlords and developers seem to be grabbing at the pockets of consumers without any shame or attempt to hide it while others are build uninteresting and unstable properties for their clients. Neither of these things are effective and in fact do the opposite as they decrease the reputation of the industry. A virtue then is not to follow these mistakes and to learn from them.

    Marcus D Hiles founder of Western Rim Property Services can show us some of the ethics that, on the other hand, are very effective in the market. One is that of knowledge and education. Marcus D Hiles spent a good number of years studying before he founded his business and has put the time in the library to good use. He has studied previously at Rice University in Houston and Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Keeping it diverse and maintaining a good studious attitude will benefit those seeking to really deliver when it comes to the property world.

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