Marcus Hiles and Fort Worth, Texas

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  • March 2, 2016
  • Texas real estate entrepreneur Marcus Hiles, Texas real estate entrepreneurial icon, and founder of Western Rim Property Services and its wholly owned affiliate, Mansions Custom Homes, consistently meets his objective of designing and constructing “the highest quality homes in top locations while maximizing views with signature amenities in superior school districts,” according to the company’s mission. Hiles founded Western Rim Properties in 2004, and has since then amassed an outstanding array of luxury apartment homes, condominiums, and custom mansions situated in some of the most sought-after spots in Texas. Western Rim’s communities are all tailor-made to provide residents with the most modern amenities and conveniences, including health clubs, cafes, stores, playgrounds, salons, personal concierges, and much more.

    The success of Western Rim Properties has allowed Marcus Hiles to realize his childhood dream of becoming a leading philanthropic figure in Texas, a role which he has humbly served for over twenty years. Marcus Hiles has worked hard to ensure that Western Rim Properties never wavers in its dedication to giving back to the community. Marcus Hiles has proven time and again a key player in creating a number of environmentally-friendly parks, recreational centers, and other cultural amenities. What’s more, Western Rim Properties has invested heavily in several environmentally-friendly technologies that reduce waste, and consequently improve the overall performance of the company.

    Although it seems a given that the demands of sustaining and protecting the environment and those of developing a successful business are innately and diametrically opposed, this is not always true. Marcus Hiles has put the lie to such assumptions through his unique and humane approach to property development. It is refreshing that an environmentally conscious entrepreneur and real estate icon Marcus Hiles has dedicated himself and his business to not only protecting green spaces but to creating them in cities and wherever he develops housing infrastructure. In short, Marcus Hiles’ ethical commitment to environmental sustainability and protection is wholly in tact, an exemplary model for al business ventures both future and present to study and adopt. Marcus Hiles guarantees that non-profit environmental partner organizations work side-by-side with Western Rim Properties to devise and implement viable plans to protect natural habitats from the early phases of construction through the post-completion phase of real estate projects. Marcus Hiles has been a philanthropic figure in Texas for two decades, enjoys giving back to the community, and he intends to continue his charitable practices for many years to come.

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