The Marcus Hiles Vision

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  • March 22, 2016
  • At Western Rim, wherever we build, we take pride in striving to make each community the best place in the city for you to live, as well as being a place where residents have the highest possible quality of life for their money. Our luxury apartments and houses have earned their reputation for being unmatched in high-end and signature amenities, and for providing elegant apartment style living, luxury Mansions and rental town houses, giving our residents a resort-style experience everyday. As for our stylish tower properties, they have been designed to bring chic, urban living to Texas in the form of modern loft- inspired apartments. Our unique, beautiful properties come complete (in select floor plans) with real hardwood floors, attached garages, granite kitchen counter tops, stainless steel appliances, baths with jetted tubs and 80-ounce carpet. To find out more about founder and CEO Marcus Hiles, check out the Marcus D Hiles official page on Youtube:

     It is very important to us that we stay true to our mission and loyal to our residents. We have a certain ethic and principles that we follow that have lead to the flourishing of our business, which among other things include striving to provide the finest housing in the best locations at lowest possible cost, and always ensuring we provide a great working environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. We spare no expense on construction and maintenance; we make sure we always build the highest quality structures in an elegant style that blend in with the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Our communities are not just places; they are a way of life. They embody a can-do, excited and positive attitude, and they are available for often less than half the price of their inner city equivalents. Company founder Marcus Hiles came from nothing, but through sheer hard work and determination was able to fulfill his dream of becoming a rich and respected property millionaire. His enthusiasm and vision is evident in every property. Always near the best schools, the most beautiful nature and the most desirable amenities, you can live your own American dream by renting a Western Rim property. Renting is the new buying, and Marcus Hiles realized this a long time ago. Visit for more information.

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