Marcus Hiles – Establishing New Standards

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  • April 7, 2016
  • What are the things that you hold most dear when it comes to your experience of home? The place that you live in is defined by many different things that are decided by various aspects of life, but there are also standards that one expects. The most basic things that one can ask for are elements such as safety, comfort, correct facilities and good local amenities. Many of these things can be found in the local community that you live in but today there are property developers working to push the boundaries of what people get out of their day to day living experience. One such person trying to do this is Marcus Hiles: The Face behind Western Rim Properties and community hero that made his own way to the top in Texas.

    Growth is continuous for Marcus Hiles. He was educated at Rice University where he excelled in his degree, quickly finding himself in the world of property development and real estate after graduating. He continued his trajectory quickly to the top of his own business, Western Rim Property Services. It was here that Marcus Hiles decided he would establish new things for consumers to expect when it comes to choosing a home. The work of Western Rim and Marcus Hiles has since then focused on seeing how much can be packed into a new property in an area. The buildings that they have erected such as luxury apartments and planned estate communities all bear the hallmark of their forward thinking and progressive attitude when it comes to standards of living.

    Some of the things that have been included by Marcus Hiles are things like sporting grounds. Grand estate complexes commonly focus on a certain kind of consumer that wants to integrate their leisurely life with their basic living scenario. For this reason you can find extended golf courses and tennis courts on several of the sites that Marcus Hiles has worked on. Bringing these two aspects together in his work has allowed for a new kind of luxury that really considers itself a new standard in living, something that will soon be expected of by many people. Today consumers ask for Marcus Hiles when considering a new property and he always deals with their requests in a way that makes sure their own personal standards meet his, ensuring a prosperous and long lasting deal between them.

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