Marcus Hiles – The Grand Estates of McKinney and conveniences of contemporary living

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  • May 5, 2016
  • To many who live in the area McKinney doesn’t need much selling. In 2012 it was voted as the second best pace to live in America by Money Magazine. The many 19th century homes here provide the foundation for a beautiful and cultured city, with a modern twist as it has attracted a diverse mix of generations professions and people. The historic town square boasts a wide range of independent and established retail stores, an eclectic mix of culinary options and a locally renowned Performing Arts Center attracting a wealth of local and national talent of a variety of genres and mediums. It is no wonder the town’s catchment area has become such an attractive place to live.

    For sporting enthusiasts the area can be somewhat as a Mecca. A selection of PGA approved golf courses adorn the valleys, and 30 miles north of McKinney is one of America’s most famous cities- Dallas. Sport is the blood which runs through this city, and Dallas Cowboys are world famous. The local soccer team FC Dallas too has been making waves in the MLS.

    With increasing competition in the housing market in the region, complexes like The Grand Estates at McKinney have been developed to offer luxury convenience urban living to those who want to become part of a secure and vibrant community. Young professionals are continually seeking out suitable relocation options such as this that offer a wide-range of amenities. It no surprised to hear also that tech companies have decided to set-up operations in the district- Experian, Torchmark, Raytheon and Encore Wire are some of the big industry names that have located in close proximity to the historical town. With such economic potential here it is no wonder the demand for high quality urban living conditions outside of the main metropolises have grown.

    The apartments and estate itself has an Eco-conscious approach to design- all materials used and electricity and water facilities have been built with these considerations in mind, suitable for the environmentally-conscious generation of Americans. The apartments range from one to four bedrooms, inviting a diverse community of from families to urban bachelors to the area, creating a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for all those who choose to reside in these estates. It’s an exciting future for McKinney and the surrounding area.

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