Marcus Hiles Discusses the Conditions in Texas from Successful Pro-Growth Policies      

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  • March 6, 2017
  • As a corporate and real estate businessman in Texas, Marcus Hiles is interested in the lone star state’s track record for promoting new business investment. “Establishments are choosing to build their companies in Texas in because of the advantages of business-friendly policies and a reliable workforce,” he explains. It is becoming common to see outside investors moving in to the state. Already more than a half million jobs have been established and exportations have increased progressively. Last year, exports had a worth of $251 billion, an amount which increased by 93 percent over the previous decade with trade agreement partners. The rest of North America makes up the most of Texas export recipients, with sales growing in other regions like, China, Korea, and Brazil. States like California, which lost over 1,500 businesses in the last eight years, would see benefits from Texas’ pro-growth stance as it works to encourage more companies, greater numbers of jobs, and increased exports in the years to come.  Read More:—-encourages-everyone-to-follow-texas-pro-growth-policies-2016-06-24