Marcus Hiles Notes All Factors Point To Strong Year For Houston

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  • April 10, 2017
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    The most obvious indicator of an economic turnaround, Marcus Hiles explains, is the Greater Houston Partnership forecasting that the area will create 29,700 jobs in 2017, almost twice as many as in 2016. In addition to the energy industry’s growth, two other major elements of the city’s economy – the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest, along with the Port of Houston – are doing great. “As healthcare becomes more important in society and the economy, we’ll continue to see growth,” explained Patrick Janikowski, regional economist. This year, the sector is expected to create 9,800 new jobs, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the growth across the state. Positive outlooks for 2017, even amongst employers, are more prevalent than they have been in years. In a new report from Houston based recruiting firm Murray Resources, 7.7 percent of firms predict they will make significant hires this year, the highest amount since the downturn in oil costs prior to 2013.

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